Air Quality is important.

We don't have air-conditioning, which may often recirculate air throughout a building. Our rooms are naturally ventilated and have openable windows.

Quiet powerful extractor fans run during the day before your visit, each extracting over 200 cubic metres of air per hour which means each room has had it's entire air replaced with fresh air over 100 times before you've even set foot in the room.

Our Vacuum Cleaners are fitted with HEPA Filters (high efficiency particulate air) designed to capture microscopic particles. 

Contact-less Check-in & Check-Out

Our key code systems continue to make it simple for you to access your rooms. There’s no Check-in or Check-out but we are here, onsite to provide telephone support if you need it. We have 24 hr CCTV.

With only a small number of guests, you are unlikely to come into close contact with others but please stay alert, follow the 2m distance rule and use the hand sanitiser from the stations. During this time we ask that only paying guests are allowed on the property.

Covid-19 Measures

Enhanced Cleaning

Please be assured we take hygiene very seriously and have enhanced our cleaning routine. We use professional anti-viral cleaning products and supply only freshly laundered, steam pressed bed linen & towels from a major service provider. In your room we provide hospital grade hand sanitiser and antibacterial spray and tissues for your use. There are fixed hand santiser stations.

Features, such as our 'Clean World', Clean TV remote controls, as used in hospitals, give peace of mind to your stay.

House Keeping

Daily House Keeping has been temporarily suspended. Your room will not be tided each day (during stays of four days or less). We ask you to wash your own dishes for multi-night stays. Detergent and Cloths are provided.  We do not enter your room during your stay to ensure its continuity of cleanliness.

Due to government restrictions we are only able to offer accommodation to guests where it is necessary-
For work purposes
To attend a medical appointment or treatment
To attend education or training
To attend a funeral
For an elite athlete’s training or competition
To provide voluntary or charitable services.

Our aim has always been to provide a safe, comfortable nights stay for you and your family while you are away from home. During these unprecedented times this is more important than ever and  so we have amended the service we offer with this in mind.

Welcome Pack
We now provide a welcome Beverage Pack of sealed sachets of Tea, Instant Coffee, Biscuits and UHT Milk Capsules, enough for your first nights stay. We hope to re-install the provision of fresh milk, coffee and bottled water in the near future.


At present we are not offering our Continental Breakfast.  You are of course, welcome to use the mini-fridge in your room and bring your own supplies.


We normally supply one freshly laundered Bath and Hand Towel for each person and ask you to re-use it if you are staying two nights. For longer stays we will provide extra Towels. We also provide hair & body wash.


As normal we only accept payment from the card details you give us in advance of your stay which we charge the day before your arrival.  If you would like to provide your email address we can email your receipt.

Order-in Food

Guests that use an evening food delivery service must ensure they manage the delivery themselves. Please be alert, when expected. Delivery personnel are not allowed on the premises. You are welcome to use the rubbish bins in the Courtyard.

Tip! 'Wifi assist' may help your phones' signal.